Traveling with food allergies and Epipen

Most essential safety net when traveling with food allergies is to carry allergy free snacks and because, unfortunately accidents do happen, be prepared—carry the epinephrine injectors on you.

 “Must do” 
When traveling with food allergies self carry epipen inside accessories that are attached to your body. Allergic kids, teens and adults must carry their life saving epipens on them at all times. 

“Must have” 
Epi pen carrier that will make it easy for food allergic kids, teens and adults to have immediate access to the epinephrine injectors in case of a severe allergic reaction. There are Epipen leg holsters and/or undergarment Epipen waist bands that are comfortable and discreetly to wear. 

LegBuddy and WaistPal are not epipen bags or purses that could be misplaced or lost in the baggage compartments. They are undergarment holsters and slings designed to be discreetly worn on the leg or waist as an undergarment belt sling.

 Please, make sure to self carry the epipens on you at all times. 

Websites where you can buy modern and discreet epipen carriers
Concealed Epipen carriers