Top Ten Travel Tips for Celiac and Food Allergies

Safe travel with food allergies.

Most essential safety net when traveling with #food allergies is to carry individually 
packed allergy free snacks and the epinephrine auto injectors.
“Must do” when traveling with food allergies.Self carry Epipen inside accessories that are attached to your body. Allergic kids, 
teens and adults must carry their life saving Epipen's on them at all times. Back 
packs, bags and purses can be easily misplaced, lost, or left behind inside baggage 

Top Ten Travel Tips :

  1. Research the Airline: Before booking your flight, read the airline’s allergy policy. Many airlines post their policy on their website.
  2. Check the Airline’s Snack Offerings: If you have peanut allergies, try to choose an airline that does not serve complimentary peanut/tree nut snacks. Call them at least 72 hours in advance and ask if will serve a non-peanut/tree nut snack, such as pretzels, upon advance request. This will greatly decrease the risk of exposure to peanuts/tree nuts during the flight. Keep in mind that no airline will ever give you a guaranteed peanut- or tree nut-free flight.
  3. Notify the Airline of Your Food AllergyWhen booking your flight, notify the reservation agent of your food allergy, and ask if your information can be forwarded to other personnel such as the gate agent, catering/food service, and flight crew. Call again before the flight to remind the airlines about your food allergy also call travel agency booking agent if you didn’t do the reservation directly with the airline.
  4. Understand Policies for Carrying Medication on Board the Aircraft: For security purposes, keep your epinephrine/adrenaline in its original packaging and a copy of your emergency plan with your medication. It is also recommended that you have your epinephrine prescription, and a travel plan or letter from your doctor confirming your food allergy and indicating you need to carry your medication and food/drinks with you.
  5. Alert ID and access to Epipen: Wearing a medical alert identification indicating your allergies and carrying the Epinephrine ON you is a must.
  6. Inspect Your Seating Area: Ask the gate agent if you may pre-board. Explain that you need to inspect and clean your seating area.
  7. Airplane Sitting Area after boarding airplane: Wipe down the seat to help prevent contact reactions or inadvertent cross contamination like skin contact with food particles or spills. Why? As you might know, eating food off a contaminated surface area could lead to accidental ingestion of allergens through cross-contact. Because some airlines are cleaned at the end of each day, it is advised to choose early morning flights, where the chance of seats containing food residues and/or crumbs or food is minimized.
  8. Pack a snack and stay away from inflight food: It is safer not to eat airline food. Instead, only eat food that you packed. Just in case, prior to the travel day, contact the airline and find out if there are any restrictions as to which types of food you are allowed to bring on board, which may vary according to your destination.
  9. Keep Your Epinephrine With You: Once again, always keep your epinephrine/adrenaline with you and do not store it in the overhead bin. Don’t be ashamed of letting others you’re traveling with know about your allergies so they know what to do in case of an emergency on the flight and where your auto-injector is.
  10. Wear a medical mask: I couldn’t find any third party research or medical organization recommending to wear a medical mask, but in numerous blogs, tweets and from personal experience this is an easy extra step to take.

LegBuddy by OmaxCare holds two Auto Injectors

Epipen carriers kids like.

When a kid with allergies was trying to figure out a way for her mom to stop following him everywhere he went because she was afraid he would loose his Epipen he ended up creating the safest carrier, the LegBuddy leg pouch.

legbuddy kids carrier

 Great short article every parent should read before buying an epipen carrier. Are parents buying Epipen carriers that could hurt...: Finding and choosing an Epipen carrier that kids will be willing to use can be more than challenging. The WaistPal is by far the best for kids and athletes.

Epipen cases for traveling with food allergies.

Every year the number of college students with food allergies traveling abroad to places like Cancun during winter, spring break and summer vacations continues to increase. Unfortunately, the number of severe and even fatal anaphylaxis allergic reactions are also increasing.

Cancun and Florida tops the list of spring break destinations for college-age students and young adult travelers. 

Allergy free foods are not easy to find in restaurants in Mexico nor in Florida. Lack of food allergy education and training of restaurant cooks continues increase the risk of cross contamination which is the biggest cause of accidental anaphylaxis reactions. 

Going on spring break or any type of vacation with food allergies means you need to have the epipen ON you at ALL times.

Males have a higher incidence of  food allergies and anaphylaxis reactions. When asked if they self carry the epipens on them at all times the number one reason is that the auto injectors are to large and difficult to take along when not carrying a back pack.
Spring Break Safe travel with Epipens inside WaistPal by Omaxcare


The LegBuddy epipen concealed holster has become such a popular item among males that it's now available in three sizes and in various cool modern colors such as techno black, dodger blue, dazzle pink, and scarlet red.

The WaistPal was especially designed with waterproof neoprene materials and for athletic active food allergic students.   This undergarment waist sling has no buckles and since is waterproof it has become the most popular epipen carrier for outdoor activities and during summer days when wearing shorts and mini skirts.

 Don't wait until you have a severe reaction to start carrying your epinephrine on you.  Make sure your epi-pens have not expired and always have the peace of mind of knowing that you will have immediate access to your life saving epi's if you carry them on you. 

OmaxCare makes carriers that you can comfortably and discreetly wear. They are cool looking and because you can wear them on/under your clothing (waist or leg), carrying the large Epipens tubes is much easier.

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Traveling with food allergies and Epipen

Most essential safety net when traveling with food allergies is to carry allergy free snacks and because, unfortunately accidents do happen, be prepared—carry the epinephrine injectors on you.

 “Must do” 
When traveling with food allergies self carry epipen inside accessories that are attached to your body. Allergic kids, teens and adults must carry their life saving epipens on them at all times. 

“Must have” 
Epi pen carrier that will make it easy for food allergic kids, teens and adults to have immediate access to the epinephrine injectors in case of a severe allergic reaction. There are Epipen leg holsters and/or undergarment Epipen waist bands that are comfortable and discreetly to wear. 

LegBuddy and WaistPal are not epipen bags or purses that could be misplaced or lost in the baggage compartments. They are undergarment holsters and slings designed to be discreetly worn on the leg or waist as an undergarment belt sling.

 Please, make sure to self carry the epipens on you at all times. 

Websites where you can buy modern and discreet epipen carriers
Concealed Epipen carriers