Epipen cases for traveling with food allergies.

Every year the number of college students with food allergies traveling abroad to places like Cancun during winter, spring break and summer vacations continues to increase. Unfortunately, the number of severe and even fatal anaphylaxis allergic reactions are also increasing.

Cancun and Florida tops the list of spring break destinations for college-age students and young adult travelers. 

Allergy free foods are not easy to find in restaurants in Mexico nor in Florida. Lack of food allergy education and training of restaurant cooks continues increase the risk of cross contamination which is the biggest cause of accidental anaphylaxis reactions. 

Going on spring break or any type of vacation with food allergies means you need to have the epipen ON you at ALL times.

Males have a higher incidence of  food allergies and anaphylaxis reactions. When asked if they self carry the epipens on them at all times the number one reason is that the auto injectors are to large and difficult to take along when not carrying a back pack.
Spring Break Safe travel with Epipens inside WaistPal by Omaxcare


The LegBuddy epipen concealed holster has become such a popular item among males that it's now available in three sizes and in various cool modern colors such as techno black, dodger blue, dazzle pink, and scarlet red.

The WaistPal was especially designed with waterproof neoprene materials and for athletic active food allergic students.   This undergarment waist sling has no buckles and since is waterproof it has become the most popular epipen carrier for outdoor activities and during summer days when wearing shorts and mini skirts.

 Don't wait until you have a severe reaction to start carrying your epinephrine on you.  Make sure your epi-pens have not expired and always have the peace of mind of knowing that you will have immediate access to your life saving epi's if you carry them on you. 

OmaxCare makes carriers that you can comfortably and discreetly wear. They are cool looking and because you can wear them on/under your clothing (waist or leg), carrying the large Epipens tubes is much easier.

Where to buy  epipen carriers for your vacation?'  and at
allergyneeds (amazon webstore)